What Living with a Virus Means

It’s a code name

Marjan Krebelj


Here in the northern hemisphere, the summer has already begun. Even in Central Europe, we’re well above 30°C, which is insane, but thankfully it is not as bad as India or Sri Lanka. Instead, it is “pleasantly warm,” making everyone talk about beaches and vacations. How great it is to have this summer weather right after winter just finished!

Photo by Osvaldo Coelho Jr. from Pexels

Nobody seems to care that it shouldn’t be like this. As long as they can go to the beach, they’re happy. I get it — I went to the beach myself — and it was a treat after more than 6 months of yet another lockdown. But I’m still sober enough to get chills when I think about what these temperatures mean.

The virus is finally behind us. A new government was just elected last month, promising nothing but freedom. If you fear the extreme right, that’s your solution. A new version of far-left which no more focuses on worker’s rights but on freedom from COVID-19 restrictions. “We have to learn to live with the virus,” they constantly repeat. “Life must go on, and the only sensible thing is to adopt the Swedish model,” the president-elect said. “We trust people to act responsibly.”

As a caregiver, I crunched.

What the fuck does that mean? Didn’t we have that for the past two years? Didn’t ignoring the mandates become a national pastime?

Yes, it did; it just means it is official now. It means you don’t have to feel guilty when you walk into a grocery store with a mask under your chin, or better yet, without one. You can have all the fun you want and live like it’s 2019 again, with massive concerts, techno parties, museums and galleries, cinemas and theatres, hair salons, coffee shops, home parties, and most importantly, home parties and barbecues. Have all that and more! No guilty conscience is attached to this anymore. The government just said it’s okay.

It means we don’t give a fuck. We don’t give a fuck if you’re sick with a terminal illness. You gonna die soon anyway, so fuck you. We can’t be denied our rights over some shmock who lies in bed all day, amirite? It was fine for three weeks in April 2020, but life must go on. We have to live!

We don’t give a fuck if you’re a caregiver, taking care of the sick, vulnerable, and elderly. Or



Marjan Krebelj

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