The Storm Is Coming and We’re Headed Right Into it

A parable on insanity of our times

Marjan Krebelj
5 min readJul 25, 2022

Imagine you’re a sailor out in the open seas. You have been receiving messages about the coming storm for days. The scientists predict, they said, it is going to be hell out there.

But to you, the weather has never been better. The sun was shining; the wind blew in the right direction at the right speed — smooth sailing.

The warnings on the radio continue. Seek shelter, hide in some secluded bay area, or at least take turns to avoid it.

Yet, the weather to you still seems fine. By continuing your charted path, you’ll save days on your trip, and the last thing you want to do is lose time on some storm that might happen. Scientists have been wrong in the past, haven’t they? So why bother.

If the storm doesn’t happen, you’ll sure feel like a sucker for taking precautions. But if it does, then it shouldn’t be that bad. I mean, what’s a little rain and some winds for such an experienced sailor?

A day passes, and then you see it on the horizon. Dark, heavy clouds, lightning all over it. It is still far away; still, enough time to avoid it or at least sail through the edge. But then again, it will probably be such a hard storm. It might even calm down before it comes.



Marjan Krebelj

Once an architect, now a freelance photographer/filmmaker with passion for words.